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mardi 28 juin 2005

Everything You Want

Vous connaissez 43 things ? C'est un site où les gens écrivent ce qu'il veulent faires, des trucs ou des projets plus sérieux.

J'ai déjà écrit 23 trucs :

I want to

  1. live passionately
  2. enjoy life
  3. Be a better friend
  4. be more talkative
  5. smile more
  6. never be drunk again
  7. really relax...not just relax
  8. relax with music
  9. meet interesting people
  10. become a better photographer
  11. write more, write better
  12. improve my Japanese
  13. continuously improve my IT skills
  14. improve my web design skills
  15. master CSS
  16. become an IT project manager
  17. Visit Italy
  18. See Angkor Wat
  19. visit Greece
  20. visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
  21. make smokers understand that nobody has the right to damage my health
  22. Read The Lord of The Rings
  23. Read "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
  24. ...